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Portfolio - Residential & Private Projects

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Lake Sawyer Residence

Risk Assessment, Trail creation, Restoration
Lake Sawyer, WA

We were asked to assess several trees on a large residential property. We oversaw tree work, trail creation, ivy removal and helped re-use the downed wood from some removals as benches throughout the forest.

Newly constructed house adjacent to successfully protected conifers   portion of trunk cut to be used as a bench
stump with center ground out to be used as a planted nurse log

  Newly constructed house adjacent to successfully protected conifers

Woodway Residence

Construction Planning, Tree Protection, Treatment & Monitoring
Woodway, WA

Tree Solutions, Inc. was asked to survey and assess the 100 mature trees of a private property in Woodway, WA in preparation for the construction of a home. We located potential tree hazards, developed risk mitigation, and worked with the architect to lessen the negative impacts of construction. The successful outcome is a beautiful wooded residence standing amongst tall healthy trees. (Health, Construction)

Seattle Residence

Critical Slope Restoration Plan & Permitting
Seattle, WA

We produced a slope restoration plan for an ECA critical slope in a residential backyard. This plan was mitigation required by the city of Seattle when a Willow tree in poor condition was removed. We provided all paperwork necessary and worked with the homeowner to obtain a permit from the city.

Terrestrial view from a residential deck with vegetation below

  Newly constructed house adjacent to successfully protected trees

Bainbridge Island Residence

Eagle Tree Protection & Restoration
Bainbridge Island, WA

Our involvement in this project started when the new construction planning began. Eagle habitat trees and shoreline restrictions encumbered the property, and we helped the property owners navigate permitting. We used Static Integrated "Pull" tests to confirm tree stability, and helped to restore a woodland area complete with paths and benches.

Audubon Society

Risk Assessment & Tree Snag
Seattle, WA

Our local Audubon Society Nature Shop was facing a dilemma with one of its three mature Douglas-fir trees having extensive internal Brown Rot decay. We developed a plan for risk mitigation that would also educate the public. We left a 20 foot tall snag with the purpose of providing a habitat and forage site for birds. We also cut slits into the trunk that is used by small bats to roost in.

Aerial testing of tree trunk   close up view of tree with new bird hole
distant view of tree with new bird hole

Merrill Gardens - Queen Anne
Merrill Gardens - Queen Anne

Merrill Gardens - Queen Anne

Tree Protection, Treatment & Monitoring
Seattle, WA

The city of Seattle required that two magnificent European elm trees be retained as a condition for the development of a multistory residential structure. We were asked by the developers to carry out the protective measures. Following construction we recommended and performed a Static Integrated Assessment, a "pull test," to determine if the trees were stable. With the results, we developed a tree specific pruning plan to increase their safety factor. We also treated the trees with a plant growth regulator to improve fine root development. After monitoring the trees for three years and recommending additional treatment to prevent insects and improve health we were asked by the city to pull on the trees again to assure they have been stable. They have!